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The brand needed a campaign that could ignite passion among young people, prioritizing things related to the industry with tools and sports. Their product has to be something that can motivate and give them a push.


I believe that if you don't try, you'll never know what you really like. Therefore, we display items related to a wide range of professions and interests in a variety of stores and schools. Young people can freely experiment and find their own inspiration.




Design, Art Direction


Digital, OOH, Installation

We have placed installations with many objects that link to several jobs. items that are very familiar and also very interesting to stimulate them to try. Young people will constantly be curious about them, among them may be items they want to try yet have not had the opportunity.

Please put them back after use and don't forget to try Ong Bau coffee!


Summarized in the poster series, the whole concept is clearly shown, especially with the prompting questions to create curiosity and wandering about themself.

To make the campaign more viral and more users share their experiences to find their true passion, an icon gallery was created on Instagram.

There's a wide variety of ingredients for everyone to unleash their creativity and tell the full story of their journey.

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